BEAnn – in my current job there there has been a lot of unexpected changes. I do try to go with the flow but realize I am feeling stressed with with it all and am now seeking support. Do you have any guidance with my health and energies at this time? A heart full thank you dear guides.

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Dear, dear one, you have been holding your breath for such a long time; waiting, waiting for that negative to arrive and so you are manifesting. Yes, you are my dearest.  Fear of all things so you are holding your breath and not proceeding as you know you should.

You should be taking better care of your being.  You should be choosing to be and do what is right for you instead of trying to make yourself fit into areas that do not fit. Your body is manifesting so much of not letting go.  Not letting go of the past, not letting go of old hurts, not letting go of it all, any of the pain. You are storing it within your body and you need to start to make peace with it.

I use the word “letting go” for that is the simplest for you to understand.  Making peace with it, soothes it, makes it part of your being, thus, you do not need to feel in a place of no growth for that is how you are feeling and you know it is dangerous and now you are somewhat afraid.  So make choices, the best choices for your being, the ones that are good for you.

There are many ways to support yourself, many, that can bring you happiness.  You do not fight for yourself.  You fear that you will be discriminated upon no matter what you do, never had a solid feeling of belonging and knowing what you are doing is right.  For some time now you have been trying to understand why.

You need to search who you are and why you attained an attitude of this early in life and change it.  You can undo this, my dear. It is not impossible.  I know you are weary.  But so much energy in holding you back the pain and the tears and not being heard.  If you let go of that and put that energy into all that you need and want you will be filled with amazing energy.

Take some time.  Be, for yourself, my dearest one.  Bless you.