Dealing with negative people in one’s life

P1070516_22cool4earthschool writes:

I believe that many of the commenters on the blog suffer from the same issue regardless of what they ask. I believe the underlying issue is that they feel like they don’t belong in the world and base this from the way they are treated by friends, family and coworkers.

Is this a vibrational issue like Abraham Hicks says, or a practical issue where people must behave in a certain way to merit respect? 

How do people that feel mistreated or alienated get others to respect them—by raising their vibration or by acting differently? To see the love in others who do not want to see the love in you is very hard because the minute one lets their guard down those people judge, attack and alienate.

Is it true that if we raise our vibration high enough and shift our focus, that negative people simply will not be able to enter our experiences? Because that is what seems to happen for me, and it is amazing. But the minute I shift my focus back to problems or what I don’t like, then the negative people have access to me.

So is the ultimate answer vibration? Can we just make the negative people leave our experience via law of attraction/vibration? This always works for me if I do it for long enough. It seems like people spend a lot of time worrying how to deal with issues of all sorts when it seems that their primary concern is that they feel unaccepted, unloved or alienated and that all they need do is raise their vibration so that all negativity leaves in time.

Thank you for the service you bring to this world.

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The guide’s response: 

Blessed one, you do not need to squeeze your feet into shoes that do not fit in order to be accepted by others. You do not need to be a different being with different ones. But you are very much a chameleon. And that is often the case with those that are very evolved or what you would know as high vibration.

But understand that all beings are vibration, just some move at different rates than others. And those of very high vibrations have the capacity to enter into those and calm them and soothe them. No, it’s not a matter of control; it’s a matter of setting the pace. That this is all you could be or accept in your path. You fear them. You fear your own truth right now.

How to find calmness within that that you believe? If you are with someone and you feel their great negativity, it doesn’t mean that you must run away or they will overpower you. But, be that that you are. You extend about (well, at different times) about three feet beyond your physical body—and this could be a complete bubble of love, it you choose it. Or you can withdraw it and run. This choice is yours, blessed one.

There is no measurement of good and bad. Some beings just need to be where they are. And often those that are learning and searching, will throw about their energies in one direction or another, just simply so they can see if from a different direction. For they do not know who they are, but do not be afraid of them. And do not criticize. They be where they be for their purpose.

It is true that like attracts like, as was spoken in this room a few moments ago; that if you emit only love and light, that is what you will draw to you. And you can come up to a being that is filled with negativity and fear, and surround them with love and light and completely soothe their energy. You would not change it or heighten it, but you would soothe it, aligning it with yours. In other words, some of your very energy or vibration will permeate theirs. And when you separate there would still be a bond that would be present. And that is how you would have taught them, or helped them. There are many, many ways to deal with negative beings. But the greatest and the strongest is to love them.

Bless you my child, and do not fear. You are growing beautifully.


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  1. Karen March 29, 2015 at 5:24 am - Reply

    Karen – I am wondering if you could give guidance on my health. My throat area seems to have alot of phelgm and it feels raw alot of the time, my legs seem to get alot of cramps and twitching and my arms seem to have alot of pins and needles to name a few of my symptoms. Thank you so much for your guidance

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