bodyTimia – I resolved the problem with the apartment moving situation so that is no longer an issue. However, I still want my own home.

So, is it a good choice for me to purchase a home in the city where I live now?

I would like your blessing and to know that this is a good place for me to purchase my home. If not, then please tell me why? I can still travel, but always have a home to come back to. Thank you.

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Dear, dear one.  What does a home mean to you; safety, protection, walls, security?

I want you to really think about this.

When you walk through your door and you shut it and you lock it, what has that given you?

You have felt vulnerable for a very long time. You truly dislike anyone having the say over where you can be, or how you can be. You have fought to achieve this very early in your life.  You are tired of people thinking that you cannot be strong enough to be who you need to be.

And so, I want you to know that many things come with the owning of the framework has a weight that you must be prepared to do.

Are you ready to fulfill all of those things?  You do a lot of dreaming, blessed one, but the reality of it could be quite heavy on you.  Think about this, walk with it and think about what it means to you and do you truly want the burden, or just simply to be strong? Then you might realize that the home, the only home you truly own, is you, your body.

Your spirit in body is your home. Therein, lies love, peace, security, safety.

You go out with it and you return with it.   You stand amongst friends or those you fear in it.  Being.  You’ve already told the world you can be who you need to be.  So, are you still trying to prove something else?

You don’t need a blessing from anyone but yourself, if that is what you want.

But before you do these actions, walk amongst many, visit many places and see many things.  And then, with your own free will and your own shining light you decide what it is you want.

I love you my child.