Is going back home the right thing to do?

HomePaula – hello dear guides and thank you so much again for this incredible service. Your answers and support have been dead on and so appreciated the past five years of my life.

I am now wondering about up Island and the Community and house I used to live in? Do my son and my daughter feel energies as strongly as I do? Is it the house? Or my ex? Or the community? Anything I can do to be of service and help myself and or my children shift these feeling to being more positive and happy? Is going back home now the right thing to do? 

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Oh, blessed one, you know the answer to this.  It is like dragging yourself back home.  Of course, your children feel this.  Of course, you cannot unlearn that that you have learned about yourself.  You cannot still your thoughts and mind and force yourself back into a place and position that no longer fit; just as you can no longer wear tiny baby shoes.

All things must be new and fresh for that is who you are now.  You have opened your eyes and you have removed the blinders.  You are still mother.  Allow them to see how you have grown. Speak openly about this.   When you released yourself from it, you expected yourself to not have guilt and all of those old angsts hanging on you . But they are still there, aren’t they?  So, you must resolve that and then perhaps you could go back to that community.

But remember, certain beings like no change.  They like you to stay in the same little box that they feel comfortable with.  Comfort is never a great place for growing.  But you are an exciting, wonderful being.  You are a wonderful mother.  You know what to do.  You might be confused, but often confusion can lead to some amazing discoveries.

Let yourself be.  You are not who you were.   Truly, blessed one, you cannot go back. You can return to that place, but you will be new and this is good.

It is true.  That negativity is still present there in their minds.  They do not wish to go into that.  Your children never want change.  But they are grown.  They can accept now.  They will see that life is always changing.  That is the most constant in your physical world.

Who do you be for them?  You be who you are: their  mother  who loves them and wants them to be strong.

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