Seeking respect and truth in friendships

friendsI Wonder – Dear Guides, why doesn’t Eden respect me when I have always been there for them? It’s as if the person in my home was a stranger in the party! I didn’t deserve to be ignored or their lack of basic manners. Do they only contact me when there are no other friends around, as it feels that way? Their actions contradict their words, and deep down I know they don’t care about me. I am tired of being nice & getting hurt.  Why aren’t they sincere?

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Oh, my beautiful one, you are so very intuitive.  And they are not as wise, or as evolved as you are.  Their words cannot harm you if you fill your being with light and love.

Let me tell you something, blessed one, there happens to be an element that when a being is shining and beautiful and radiates such light  that often those that have not evolved to such a state, will want to bring them down; will want to cover that light for they feel less than within themselves.   And so, they will project all sorts of energy in hope to dim your light.  But do not let that happen, blessed one.

You see, you feel your truth.  Follow it. Heal your being by knowing that you are a beautiful light.  It is true.  They do not speak the truth.  They are not respectful.

To protect yourself from some of this, do not take part in it, whether they write it or say it.   Negativity cannot harm you if you will not have anything to do with it.  Turn from it, move away from it.  The best thing to say to someone who speaks a negative turn is “I love you for who you are. You don’t have to be anything else for me.”  It absolutely deflates boastfulness, or a need to harm someone else because of the self dislike.

The best thing for you to do, my dear, is to find a good support, a being that you can talk to and trust that will not make choices for you, but will listen and reflect back and help you understand your true feelings.  You have looked for it in the wrong places lately.

Bless you, my dear for you are not alone.  You are loved.

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  1. Iwonder February 19, 2015 at 3:57 pm - Reply

    Thank you xx

    • Dorothy February 20, 2015 at 6:53 am - Reply

      Some years ago I went to a psychic and she told me that my property is a very special place and that it will be worth more than I could ever imagine and to never sell it. I was surprised by her comments but because I came to see her to talk about other concerns I didn’t pursue any questions regarding her comments about my property so My personal question is: how will my property be worth more than I could ever imagine ?
      Dorothy McDermott

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