Love is what you seek when you are present here

Jane shared that after a session she feels complete love. Is this state available for all of us?

Yes, if you get away from all of the different postures that you carry to present your being to your world. If you put down all of the different understandings and attitudes of different reflections of who you need to be in your world. As you all know, you are many in one. You are many facets of a beautiful diamond that has the ability to shine through all of them. But if you take a moment and put all of those parts of you down, there is a beautiful, radiant loving being that just wants to unite with other loving beings.

It is natural.  Love is what you knew before you arrived and it is what you seek while you are present here, in the process of learning your different promises. And what is a promise? It is a task of learning that you must know all of the conditions of being in a body.  We don’t just send you here to torture you. We send you with a body to manifest a lifetime and to complete the understanding of all of the different issues in this physical domain.

So when we learn that, do we pass on?

Well, I will tell you dear, you never really complete learning. I still am learning. I learn all of the time how stubborn my dear one is.  I learn all of the time that she has great needs and desires and that she often rounds the edges when she wants to be much more so.  And in learning from my loved one, I grow.  I grow too you know, you are not the only ones.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on unsplash


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