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A mother asks for guidance with her estranged son

A guide shared in the spring that my son was doing better.  He recently visited and there was some difficulty and chaos with that visit.  I would like  to ask how my son is doing now and what he needs and my role in that?

Blessed mother, trust.  Trust that he is always going to try his old ways. They worked once and they might work again. But he is doing better.

He is angry. He is having a sense of feelings. But he is not completely blaming everyone else. He is angry at this father. He is angry at you, his sister. He is angry that he is not the father that he wants to be.

But we say this is good because he is at least having feelings that it is not a benign, I don’t care. The more noise he makes then just be patient, extend love. Because in that you communicate that I love you but I don’t love this behaviour that this no longer fits. He is very capable of rising and fulfilling what he has come to do.

He is in a state of no growth, but not as deep as it was.  This is very difficult for you mother. If you remember back you only wanted this child to have a strong, wonderful life. This one had moments of maybe not wanting to fulfill all of the promises that he came to do, but you helped him to live through that, to be present.

So, say to this child “I love you with my whole heart and being and I would gladly be with you and help you grow. But I will not support you to destroy that amazing light that I know you are. I believe in the wholeness of my being that you have the strength of power to grow and be who you are, to let go of this hiding, this running and to stand strong.  I know that you are an amazing creative being, but you are afraid of your own creativity for with that will come some pain and feeling and responsibility. I love you and I shall always love you.”

Have I not spoken the truth, blessed one? Bless you my child. It is not an easy task to be this strong. Parenting is the hardest role of growth for you do not completely understand your own being and to help another find grounding in theirs is even more difficult. Bless you my child.

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