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Speak your truth because they will know if you’re not

A guide speaks to a mother about talking with teenagers

What is the growing process for teenagers and how can we guide them as they try and make their decisions?

Oh, well, always always when you are speaking with them, open your heart to them and trust that the heart will be felt. Always speak your truth because they will know it if you’re not. And don’t be fake and phoney that you approve of something if you really don’t. Say it from your heart. Say if you are worried. Say it. You are their mother; you are not their friend. They will only have one mother and it is you—and it’s a very important role you play. Surround them in love and listen, see them.  And you don’t always have to have the answer. But remember you teach by how you be. By how you live, how you and your mate live is how you teach.

My son’s going into high school, a different realm and I’m a little worried that he’s going to be exposed to drugs…

Absolutely, and he is too. So speak openly about it. You’re not talking about something he isn’t fearing as well. He’s even afraid of the size of himself. Yes. So talk openly, have discussions. Communicate, communicate, communicate—it’s really important with children. And if you can’t sit face-to-face, sit beside them. Often young men like to sit beside instead of face-to-face, because they expect you will want some answer whereas if you’re beside them they can just pretend they’re not listening—but they are listening.

You know in many cultures men walk beside each other because they don’t like being face to face. It’s often a thing that is more comfortable for the male form. (Not the mailman but the male form. I don’t know about mailmen.)

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