Please tell me is my son happy and getting all his needs met? Is there anything I need to do to support him in his growth? I love him more than life itself and he gives me strength and purpose.

I know, my dear, I know. I’m trying to understand why you are asking this, because you do know this child dearly loves you. And you are a wonderful mother, attentive to all his needs, although perhaps too much worry. You know, the child knows it when you are overworked and confused about things. It’s all right to sit down with him and say: Oh I’m tired and life sometimes can be difficult but we’ll be fine, and I will find a way for us to work out our problems.

Always showing this one that you are the parent, you are the one that has the strength. No, not always the control, but you have the strength to show the footsteps to walk in.

Don’t ever be afraid to be a mother. You are a good mother. And yes, there are some difficulties the child will have. But the child chose to have the difficulties—to learn through that filter. So don’t place your fears upon this one.

And as to your fears my dear, I know you are waiting to be swept up and all things fixed. But you are fixing many things in your life because you are taking the time to see. Good, my dear. You are doing very good.

Photo credit: Jordan Whitt, Unsplash