Her name is Violet, which is perfect for a nature spirit darting back and forth in the yard, breathlessly talking to me. It was at the last moment, a chance to see her… and on Earth Day yet! My heart ached just to be close, this has been such a torturous time. Nonetheless, on this beautiful spring day we can be together.

“Come close,” I called to her. “Let me see you.” Her response, “I’m coming. I’m getting you something.” Her feet hardly touching the ground, she hurtled towards me stopping abruptly knowing her parents warning of no hugs and kisses. Thrusting out a most tiny fist, she said, “I brought you a handful of wishes!!!!”

A handful of dandelion seed globes, otherwise known as fairy wishes. “I brought you all the wishes,” she said.

My heart bursting trying not to cry for she wouldn’t understand. I held out my hand for this gift. It was as if time stopped as these fairy seeds took flight and some fell into my hand. All at once all worlds and dimensions crossed. She was my handful of wishes. Our children are our handful of wishes.

We do have it within our power to create our wishes for this beautiful Mother Earth – to support Violet, and all of us.

I send all of you a handful of wishes. Make them for our earth.

Love, Jane


Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash