It is such a huge job to be a parent. Do you have any guidance on that?

It is the most amazing, growing time in the physical world. When you offer the opportunity to a spirit to come through you, if you will stand and nurture and protect that being, you have already decided this before they come. It is done in the place of learning, in between lifetimes. You make a promise. There are always amazing promises. That is why no one parents without some degree of work and great, great growth.

I want to say from spirit that there is nothing but honor and love that you choose these paths.

And yet often looking back we often feel we could have done things differently or better.

If you can see that, then you have grown and I say amen.

If you were to look back and say I was totally perfect, why do they not see it, then you have not grown. Humility is a great gift. It is a sight to see that you are beautiful and growing, but in your perfection you have imperfection and if you can see them, that is when you can change them.

No one present in the physical world is perfect, but they are all perfect with their promises.

Some of those promises will be very difficult and they will make choices less than they should. Sometimes they will stop in a moment of clarity and see what they may or should have chosen and then in the future choose it. Amen.

It is fine to say yes, I have learned through having this child and I grew, but then the feeling is what have we done to our children, have we failed them?

For you have not. The balance and the play that works its way out is all about growing. Some very new souls have the most wonderful parents because they never grow up, but they have not helped them or assisted in giving them a direction to be. You could imagine a new soul giving birth to a new soul, total chaos, but it is so joyful.

It can also take the negative bent as well and be abusive and very harsh. Mostly those promises are done by new and old beings.

Worry not of what you have done to your children. Trust them in the power that they have. But you are not finished yet. There are still many aspects of being a parent that is not complete.


Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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