I would like to ask about anxious children and the increasing level of anxiety in this world.

Don’t tackle everything. Don’t think it all must be done. You’re carrying around loads of thoughts and understandings, and ‘have-to’s, and maybe, and ‘I’ll do it’ and, ‘I won’t.’  ‘I’ll be there with that person” and….  Stop—and breathe. Reacquaint yourself with the finest receiver and speaker that you’ll ever dwell in: your body.

And teach this to your children. They are so in tune. They pick up every sense, every element in a house. They know as soon as they walk in how it be. They know before they greet you how you are. Be a leader. Be the best you can be for your children. And that doesn’t mean rushing around and taking them to a thousand different things and buying every latest toy. It means sitting on the floor eye-to-eye, skin-to-skin, talking and being present. Children translate time as love—time with them, looking at them, touching them. And I don’t mean in a forced, phony way because they will pick that up very fast.

And stop rushing. I know you’re all at that time in this world right now where the technology is very fast, and the evolution of the physical body is moving forward, and you’re all rushing in the same direction not knowing what to do. And most feel like they’re just big phonies.  But you’re not! You’re not phony. You are as real and as tangible and loving and beautiful as possible. No attachments, no buttons, just perfect. Be that that you are—and you will affect your world greater than you have any idea.  Bless you.