A father is sizing up his path

Do you have any insights about how to best help my father around his general health? He was prescribed a medication, but my father declined to take it because of the side effects. My mother feels he is declining.

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Oh blessed one, do not fear. This being has never appreciated any medical intervention in his path. You know this, blessed one. And so these medications are interfering with his feeling of how he be. 

This being very much needs physical touch. Perhaps some very nice massage in his back especially between the shoulder blades; a little bit of movement, almost as if you would be patting a very young child, lovingly, but gently, moving. His large intestine is somewhat concentrated at this time and just simply this will help, movement.

Speak to mother to just love, to let go of fear that all beings have times in which they come very close to knowing what they need to do, for that is in their path. And this one is there right now. He is sizing up his path and wondering what is yet to be. Be not be afraid of this, but be loving and gentle.

Photo by Elien Dumon, Unsplash

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