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Sit together at dinner and talk about happy things

Ideas for a family with a child who is a picky eater.

Could you tell me why my little nephew is such a picky eater and how to make him eat well. What would he enjoy eating?

As to food, well think like a child.  Make it playful and fun. And never, ever say: eat this. A child will eat what they need to eat when they need to eat. Do not fuss if they don’t eat every little crumb or eat all those exactly perfect vitamins and vegetables. Give this child food that is fun, food that is interesting to him, in small amounts. Never, ever put too much food on the plate of a child. You always want them to ask for more, if there is more.

Be kind and gentle and when you eat dinner, hopefully all together, everyone sitting together eating. Never just one child being watched while no one else eats, that is never a healthy way to be.  But sit together and eat and talk about happy things that happened in the day, your day, their day, the little one’s day. Everybody has a choice. Don’t put so much pressure on this little being. Let him be who he needs to be. Let him get used to being in a body.

He is going to be actually a worker of the world, which is going to help a great deal of people. He has come with some very large promises. This is something that the parents will in time accept, that he must walk to his own rules. Not that he shouldn’t have strong guidelines and love and lots of that in his path.

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