Abuse of drugs, judgement, and states of “no growth”

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Now I have a question about drugs. There are many people in this city and cities all over the world that take drugs like heroin and those kinds of drugs that make them forget their life, I guess. And it’s so damaging to our societies because they have to live a life of crime and [...]

It is a time of great change–but do not fear it

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Tell the blessed beings that are present now in your world that this is a time of great change and upheaval in many ways.  But do not fear it. Do not fear it, but embrace it. There are good things at hand. There is nothing to fear but fear in its ugliest state, when it [...]

It will never heal when you try to make them disappear

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A guide talks about homelessness (part 2 of 2) I know some of the people in this situation are addicted to drugs, and its my understanding that for many of them, If they were provided with what they need for home and comfort that they can release that addiction, but it is difficult to make [...]

Take care of your corner of the world

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An exchange with a guide from our evening with Jane and the spirit guides at Goward House in July I wonder if you could talk to us about how to walk in a world that’s crazy. Each of you is inundated with a great amount of information, not only from your own lives but also [...]

This world is your playing field, your school–it is there for your learning

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A high guide speaks about the learning and growth our planet offers us How can it be that although our essence is pure love and connectedness, it is not reflected on earth? Not even nature itself is all-loving. There is much hardship in animal and plant life. Struggle for food, to survive, fighting over territory. [...]

See your world, witness it, choose where you will put your energy and your desire

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This is how I live, perhaps you would choose to live the same. What could be used immediately instead of fossil fuels to allow us to still drive cars and have electricity? A man named Troy Reed invented a magnetic motor (Reed Magnetic Motor). Would that work? Many say his work was suppressed. Many beings [...]

There is change at hand for each individual

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A conversation with a spirit guide about our world and what's ahead for us We keep hearing that the old ways don’t work any more and Jane wanted to ask about the circle within a circle. Does that mean the circle is broken, and things are going to be different? Hmm. Yes, my dear. There [...]

Be responsible for that that you do to Mother Earth

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A guide speaks about our responsibility for actions for the greater good I watched the film Chasing Ice, an award winning documentary about climate change which follows the work of James Balog’s extreme ice survey. It shows beautiful photographs and videos that capture ancient mountains of ice disappearing rapidly, demonstrating evidence that Earth’s climate is [...]

A conversation about recent earthquakes in Nepal

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Nepal recently suffered a massive earthquake as the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate continue to collide. We are wondering what are the lesson or lessons attached to the recent earthquakes in Nepal. As people who choose to live on an active subduction zone with potential for a megathrust earthquake, what advice do you have [...]

A need to create harmony and balance with our earth

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The earth has been talking to you for a long time I’ve seen videos of strange sounds that seem to come from the earth in places around the world. What are they? Man-made. There is much that has been occurring, digging into the earth that causes a distortion. But they are man-made in origin. Your [...]

A guide speaks about our world and its water

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I worry about water. We are 75% water, and our polar ice caps are melting, and we are poisoning our water. Is there any way to tell people not paying attention that this is important? Until they are uncomfortable, usually new souls don’t grow. They must be made uncomfortable with that that is—whether it be [...]

Choose things closest to nature to support your lifestyle

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A conversation about plastic and man-made things that do not return to the natural state I was wondering about the energy of plastics and these man-made things floating around in the ocean... They are actually inert, they do not have energy. They are created out of things that were alive but in a negative way. [...]

You have a choice in every action in your world

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With so many evolved beings living here now does that bring more light to the planet, especially when people ask for help from their guides? It can. The light is always present. Whether you open to it or not is up to you, whether you be evolved or not.  It is your choice. You see [...]

Open your heart to loving your world

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A guide speaks to those feeling overwhelmed by negative information May I ask, with all the negativity that we keep hearing about, like child slaves and wars and the loss of the honeybees and disasters, is there any way that we can keep it in balance so that we can move forward in light, without [...]

Rumbling sounds — are they messages from the earth?

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Lani asks about rumblings that seem to come from the sky. She says, “Initially I thought the sound was coming from an aircraft, however, nothing visible in sky. I also hear the same sound – though not as loud – come from the ground from time to time. Are there any messages – warnings I [...]

How we can affect our world

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We spoke to the guides about global warming and how our world is going to be left, with the corporations so much in control. Here's our discussion: We feel so powerless to change things. There are entire civilizations that have crumbled and grew again. It’s hard for you to understand now, but you have seen them [...]

Build a wall of love

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Wondering one writes: I would like the guides’ advice about how the western world, and we as individuals, should deal with the brutality, violence and apocalyptic goals of the ISIS movement in the Middle East. Their beheadings, burning alive of the Jordanian pilot, their smashing and destruction of ancient artifacts and their goals of spurring [...]

The edge of growth during the overturn of souls

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I want to ask about a situation in our country Canada where two different individuals killed soldiers. One of them ran a soldier over and another one shot a soldier at the war memorial and then entered our Parliament building and fired shots. Both of these men were killed as a result of their actions. [...]