This world is your playing field, your school–it is there for your learning

A high guide speaks about the learning and growth our planet offers us

How can it be that although our essence is pure love and connectedness, it is not reflected on earth? Not even nature itself is all-loving. There is much hardship in animal and plant life. Struggle for food, to survive, fighting over territory. I know, we need contrast to learn, but shouldn’t it be within a more loving, happy-ending context? Why is it so important to be rather selfish if you want to be successful?

My dearest one, your vibration is showing. It is only when you reach a certain level of vibration that you actually see the different elements of learning, the struggle, the friction. New souls see it not. They just simply move through their time. Sometimes they are affected by the very elements of the physical, but mostly they relate it only to their own experience, not thinking a great deal about anyone else’s.

Yes, your essence, that that makes up your energy, your spirit comes time and time again to this plane, to learn, to grow, to heighten your vibration. And it is only at a certain height that you will see the incongruences of this world. But this world that you dwell in, that you created for your learning is yours to learn. It is your playing field, your school. It is such an amazing element, pliable. You all struggle against it, but in truth it is there for your learning.

If it was all perfect, no growth would occur. There must be friction, choices, fear. All of these are elements of learning. And all of you are at different rates of it so you will come up against beings that think they must push their way through, and you will find those that find embracing the world is better. One will teach the other—and you will be quite surprised who is the greatest teacher. You must all walk as students and teachers, learners and lecturers.

It is a great dance, this physical plane, a dance of learning, of wonder, of growth. Your condition of being in the physical world gives you an understanding of yourselves being separated and limited—that is for your growth. The truth is that your physical bodies vibrate at a different rate because of your spirit. But all of you are energy. You all move through these fields as one. The great knowledge, the oneness, it is called by many things, you all have the capacity to be in great union with. But some of you will dance about and not want it, some will not seek it, some will want another to speak it for them.

Your creatures, they too have their own spiritual growth, they are part of this great harmony. They teach far more than you have any understanding. It is often the case that those of the smallest energy have the greatest impact—such as a mosquito. Embrace your world. See it not as a struggle against you, but a struggle for you.

Are there other worlds where the oneness is more prevalent?

There are many individual situations, but there is only one oneness. In that information, know it never ends and it began with the greatest love that you have no understanding of. There are other spheres created for learning; there are other forms—all for the same purpose. And you will experience them all—if you choose.



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  1. Stephanie September 6, 2015 at 1:18 pm - Reply

    Thank you for your help and clarification. I appreciate it a lot. It is said that our conciousness creates reality. Is it the way that everything in nature reflects various parts of our conciousness? Like if a great amount of souls would find more peace and harmony, nature (e.g. the weather/climate) and it’s creatures would change and show different attitudes likewise? Is it really human consciousness that influences our world or would it be here without us too? Did we choose this playground (which was made unrelated to us) to express ourselves and co-create with it or did we somehow really built it for our growth?

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