A guide speaks about our responsibility for actions for the greater good.

I watched the film Chasing Ice, an award-winning documentary about climate change which follows the work of James Balog’s extreme ice survey. It shows beautiful photographs and videos that capture ancient mountains of ice disappearing rapidly, demonstrating evidence that Earth’s climate is changing. Some people believe that climate change and global warming due to human activity is a farce. What can you tell us about the cycles of the Earth’s past climate patterns and how people and pollution is impacting the Earth’s natural cycles.

I thank you for being concerned about your Mother Earth. And it is true, her physical body has changes, just as all of the creatures that dwell upon her. And it is true that some of the creatures that dwell upon her are parasitic and drain her of her energies. And it is true that you need to be aware that this amazing being, this creature, this spirit of Mother of Earth, this planet, has a spirit that needs to be nurtured and cared for and given grace and allowed to be and to breathe in the healthiest of ways. You must love her and to nourish her. To keep taking and not putting back is a very negative state.


Humanity, societies and the building of factories and the releasing of exhaust do remove many of the protective layers that are present, causing that great nourishing sun to actually cause an imbalance in her body’s nature. And as she changes so must all of you change. That is why there is a great upheaval in the knowledge and understanding in your physical world.


Know that now is the time of responsibility for all actions and these actions do mean the greater good, the societies state. Those that stand and speak for large numbers of beings must care for the largest being, the gentlest, the most giving. Know that there is a great debt that needs to be paid back to her.


It is time to stop the removal of the minerals, to stop the removal of the layers of protection that are there to protect you as well as her. It’s time to be in harmony, to be responsible. If you take, you must give back. Your path, every being’s path, has a responsibility to that that you walk upon.

So you’re talking about the expansion of the oil sands, you’re talking about fracking, you’re talking about emissions that so many people that feel like us are very concerned about.


You’re saying it’s time for us all to stand and say “no more!”

You’re to stand and say “this is the way.” “No” is never an accepted answer. The answer is there are ways, there are ways this can be done and all can be supported. The amazing energy that is released every day towards your physical domain can be harnessed and used for all things and not harm your Earth.

You’re talking about solar energy?


And wind?


And ocean?



And I’m seeing people, celebrities like Jane Fonda who are now standing up and speaking their truth for this and having an impact.

And it is very good what they speak. And they don’t all have the answers. You were told a very long time ago that there are no heroes anymore. Each of you are the hero. Each of you must come up with the answer and she sees the need and does not have the exact answer, but is willing to stand up and say: pay attention, it’s time, be responsible for your actions. Be responsible for that that you do to Mother Earth. For every being that takes in air and releases carbon dioxide has an effect in your world and can change it.


It is part of the spiritual path, for no one is separate. All beings and Earth has a spirit. You are all energy and in union and balance can live and learn and grow beyond all understanding. Other dimensions have come and experienced your world. They use energy of gravity, they use energy of their sun, they use energy of… well I don’t need to go into all those details. It is time to be responsible and there are amazing beings coming up with understandings of how to power things.

What do we say to the scientists who are being paid by the politicians to give them the correct answer?

To listen to your heart, for they are trying not to. Their mind says they want money to achieve different things. But those are things that will not truly feed their heart and soul. The great emptiness that is amongst many beings in your physical world is a need for love, and they do not love themselves when they choose power over truth.

And how can we get the oil company executives to actually think about their grandchildren?

They are, they are just simply denying it right now. So beat your drums, sing your songs, speak your words over and over, it will be heard because it is growing in strength.

I believe it is.

You all know that you came to be present in this time, and it is now, it is now is the moment. You are not alone. There are many beings not only of your dimension but others that want this to be healed. You dwell in the most magnificent element of growth. What you have at your fingertips, there is no measure or worth, it is beyond. It is created by God, and it is so very very precious.


Love it, be responsible for your actions and all can live in harmony.


Photography by:

gemmalouise.k and mysticheartco, Unsplash

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