It will never heal when you try to make them disappear, Jane Kennard, Circles within Circles

It will never heal when you try to make them disappear

A guide talks about homelessness (part 2 of 2)

I know some of the people in this situation are addicted to drugs, and its my understanding that for many of them, If they were provided with what they need for home and comfort that they can release that addiction, but it is difficult to make that transition within our society.

Yes, unfortunately, your society is not very forgiving. But you give the name “society” like it is not part of you. YOU are the society, so you must stand and be that that you speak of. Are you willing to let them have a life?  Are you willing to stand beside them and fight for their lives?

I know, evolved beings care greatly for all beings, but feel very frustrated at the lack of choice that many make. But you must trust that there is always a choice that they can make, even if it is very small.  If you were to just offer your hand in kindness or ask, “What is your tale that you could tell me of how you be here? Is there something I can do for you to help you get back to where you were, or to create a new path?”

I know, all manner of beings in your said societies need to take this to task, to own it, to love it, to embrace.

We told you a long time ago that it will never heal when you try to make them disappear. The bandage will just get thicker and thicker until it explodes with pus and infection. Embrace.  Embrace and love that that irritates you.

I think there is fear too.  

You use this word, but it truly is that they choose not to but there are beings that are willing to support them. If you find it overwhelmingly fearful, perhaps mostly because you have experienced a lifetime of being in that very place and it simply horrifies you. And you know not why because your heart is full of love, but you just can’t step into it. Do what you can and support those that can do it.

The most harmful for yourself and your homeless, is apathy, doing nothing.  It has come to your corner of the world and it is your turn to take care of it.

Do you have a message for the young homeless man I spoke with last week?

You want to help, but you are afraid because you felt that attachment to you. This is a being that has used people, that has attached because he needs very much to attain that evil substance that has driven him many times. What you gave was right. Allow it to grow within him. Bless you my child. Do not be afraid.

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