Take care of your corner of the world, Jane Kennard, Circles Within Circles

An exchange with a guide from our evening with Jane and the spirit guides at Goward House in July

I wonder if you could talk to us about how to walk in a world that’s crazy.

Each of you is inundated with a great amount of information, not only from your own lives but also from the lives of many. Your world at this time, your societies, have a great need to speak a great amount of negativity. There are wonderful things at hand. Good is happening, though you might feel overwhelmed by the great negative.  When you hear them, send healing. Realize there is only so much you can do. Take care of your corner of the world. Open your heart and send healing and light, and love to those that have difficulties. Don’t be afraid to look into their eyes, those in need. Don’t be afraid to not have the answers, but be witness to that that is. The worst illness upon your physical plane is apathy.