This is how I live, perhaps you would choose to live the same.

What could be used immediately instead of fossil fuels to allow us to still drive cars and have electricity? A man named Troy Reed invented a magnetic motor (Reed Magnetic Motor). Would that work? Many say his work was suppressed.

Many beings have been suppressed with their knowledge … but all of you are responsible for that… each of you. If you seek, you will find. If you wish to find a way that uses less energy, you shall. If you wish to change some action that has occurred, it can be done, but the word immediately is the interesting one.

Look about you world that you have created … your nature … is anything immediate in it? No. They have seasons, they evolve. Your vibration heightens, but by very small amounts with each action. Take a deep breath, see your world, witness it, choose where you will put your energy and your desire. Understand the choices you make affect not only you, but others.

There is a great element of very new souls who would like to have a great leader that will tell them how to do it, and how to be, and where to be. And right now, because this is also a time of very old souls that don’t like to teach, or lead, or tell how to be. There is a great need for teachers, a great need for leaders, a great need for beings to step forward and say: This is how I live, perhaps you would choose to live the same.

It is not a time to ram down the throats of those that do not understand a vision, or an understanding that only you hold, but speak of what yours is. Give the understanding you have, saying it quite clearly that they must choose their own truth. And allowing yourself, too. Allow space. Many beings that dwell in this North American continent have been given a great opportunity … of space, which is closing in, actually. I don’t mean outer space, I mean land space. That is why there is great new growth and thought coming from this place in your physical domain. Too much to speak of now.

This reminds me of a saying I heard on the weekend: We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for. And I know you’ve been telling us this for a while.

Yes, this is not a time of looking to a hero, but knowing that a hero lies within. Each of you contains the same amazing energy. Yes, some quicker than others. Open and share who you be with your world. It is the greatest gift you will ever have to give.