You have a choice in every action in your world

With so many evolved beings living here now does that bring more light to the planet, especially when people ask for help from their guides?

It can. The light is always present. Whether you open to it or not is up to you, whether you be evolved or not. It is your choice. You see you must always take an action. When you don’t take actions, when you stay in a state of “no growth” is when you start to diminish your ability to stay present in the physical domain. But when like-minded beings (evolved or not evolved) choose to open to the light, their choices are heightened.

No matter what the choice is about, whether it be using a pesticide or turning on a light switch, you have a choice.

You have free will.

You affect the world you are in.

You ask how to mobilize beings that have not yet this understanding, that think it is simply there for their using up, instead of their learning?

There are a large number of very new souls that simply dance through their days with little worry of how they squander—whether it be love, light… or their own precious beings.

They are not children and they have a choice to affect the world they are in.


Photo by Ryoji Iwata, Unsplash


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