Make the choice for healing touch, Jane Kennard, Circles Within Circles

Make the choice to receive healing touch

Make the choice for healing touch, Jane Kennard, Circles Within Circles

Touch can assist circulation and healing of a broken femur

I’m asking for guidance around the healing of my hip fracture again. I’ve had episodes of a lot of swelling around the fracture site recently even though I’ve been told the x-rays show the femur has mended. I worry about the femur being mended and possibly still needing a hip replacement. I would appreciate your guidance here.

Hello, my dear one, my dear, beautiful one. You are doing very well. Don’t lose faith now. You need touch. You see the lymphatic system works best with touch of the skin. That is what the swelling is from; the shock, the over working. The lymphatics have been damaged, but they can be healed, but mostly by touch. It is about circulation and touching of the body. It would be good to have massage, not deep smashing around of you but gentle, loving and relaxing massage, both of the leg (and you can touch this area now), but the whole body, the whole system. Keep things balanced, keep vibration moving. Reflexology, or massage of the foot is very good as well, but also great cranial touching. That is why I suggest, because you must make the choice that the whole body should be touched and the vibration and circulation should be maintained as often as possible and now, to get over the shock of it all.

Oh, my blessed one, you want to dance and feel great laughter and joy. So, choose it. Don’t be afraid to move your body. Don’t be afraid to celebrate. Stop being so hard on yourself. There are things yet to be done that you need to feel completely balanced in and it shall happen.

Touch is the ultimate importance, circulation, vibration, gentle movement and don’t be afraid to walk and to swing that leg.

You are a beautiful being. There is great excitement ahead for you. Do not lose faith now, my blessed one. You are loved.



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