Trust that a donor match will be found for you, Jane Kennard, Circles Within Circles

Trust that a donor match will be found for you

Rest, nutrition, movement and happy thoughts can assure your body it is well

My doctors say I need a stem cell transplant. I’m worried they might not find a donor match. The procedure is long and very challenging for my body. If a match is found will the procedure be successful and what do I need now for support to assist in the healing of my body?

Dearest one, for first of all, I want you to just trust if that is what is needed for you to feel at peace with yourself, then trust that it shall be. It is true it is a very wide scope that they are looking at, but it is possible, of course. There are many people like you they have simply not signed up for these things.

Firstly, my dearest, let’s get to know your body. You have been having difficulty for some time and it is still in the deepest state of shock. Bone marrow you will need to concentrate on in your spleen and your liver. So, do all manner and function that helps that.  So what is that?

Keeping warm, very good nutrition, mostly just sort of drinks and soups that are easily digested from the stomach. Intensity of vitamins right now is probably not such a good idea because you wouldn’t be able to digest them. You don’t have a lot of acid in your system to break down a good deal of these proteins and things, so try to have it all quickly digested; broths and soups and things such as this. Have lots of rest, lots of sleep and massage oils. Tonics are also very good because that would help you as well. But don’t take the suggested amount. Take the amount that feels right and take a tonic that has lots of minerals in it and sip it lightly. Some of them even have wines that are quite digestible and not to be worried about, although I do know you worry about everything you ingest.

Lots of rest. Think happy thoughts, dance and movement and things that are light. This is what you need to do to tell your body it is well.

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