I fell off of a bicycle and fractured my hip last year. I was doing pool therapy and felt this pain while doing one of the exercises. Were these pool exercises too aggressive and is my hip healing? Do the guides have any feedback about the healing process of the hip facture at this time?

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Remember that pain is a wonderful thing even though it might seem like a horrendous thing to you. But it tells you how the body and spirit are coping. So, that was perhaps a little too strenuous. You were perhaps trying to be a little too perfect.

But go back and enjoy the warmth and the support of the water. Do not stop doing that that you love to do. Move and wiggle and dance and enjoy the freedom. The more movement you have the more the circulation. Do not do severe pushing of the limbs, or stretching beyond the pain point, or even a great desire to push it that far. You never wanted to be an acrobat. You need to just experience the joy of movement and do it with love and laughter so no harm was done.

So the fracture is healing?

Yes, You need to have lots of… what is it called in your world, broths from bones. There is a good amount of a healing factor in those proteins that are very healthy. Get good healthy bones from beef animals and boil them gently, not a harsh boil to not kill the collagen; to develop it more so and drink these at least once a day and that will help with that.

Make sure you get lots of your B vitamins. That is your green leafy things and that helps as well and of course Vitamin C. But not so much of the acidic Vitamin C. There are plenty that you can absorb that will help with the healing process. It is slow to heal, my dear, because in some ways you are a little slow to learn some things too. Be patient with your being. You are such a dear one.