It's not about stilling your voice; it's about being present in your world, jane kennard, circles within circles

I suffered a severe depression in early June during the time of my menstrual period. Was this due to the change in hormones? I already take depression medication and hormone supplements. How do I keep from having that again?

Hello my blessed one, I do feel our conversations are really what you need to hear: that you are not alone, that I love you dearly and you are very important.

Dearest one, you use the word depression; it was not so. You will have times when you feel sad or uncomfortable or just simply irritated by your life, your path. These are not depressions. Please do not medicate yourself beyond feeling. You are working very hard to have feelings, to understand who you be, and how the communion of your spirit and body work together.

Menstrual periods are an amazing part of being present in the physical world. They ground you, very much so. And in these times you should be very present in your body, how it feels, what it needs: rest, relaxation, proper food, not caffeine, things that are very grounded.

You do take many pills, blessed one, and in time you should start to ask yourself how you feel taking them, in the combination of talking to someone who understands truly who you be and how you are. It’s not about stilling your voice; it’s about being present in your world, hearing how you feel and knowing what you want.

I know you often feel ignored by those that you go to for help, that they think what you speak is not important, and that they don’t truly hear you or see you, but simply want to put a Band-Aid over you. It’s all right to say that, my dearest one. Speak your truth. You have a right to all that you need.

I know one of your greatest concerns is about being accepted in society, having friends, being present with others. In times when you are terribly emotional or sensitive it is not a time to throw yourself into the middle of a large group. Take long walks, sit on a park bench and see your world, hear it, feel it. A gentle smile is greater communication than taking part in a very complex conversation.  Be present, see and feel all things. And do not be afraid of days when you are feeling very sensitive but in fact embrace them. You are present in an amazing world. Do not be afraid of feeling emotions over it. If your emotions are very high take paper and pen and write down how you feel. Then a few days later examine it again. Is it an emotional state of just hormones? Or do you still feel the same way but perhaps simply with just a difference presence of the physical state—the same feelings but not quite so heightened.

Witness who you be, blessed one, and love your being. You are an amazing being. I love you dearly.