Don’t be angry with your body, be still and listen


Today I broke my toe. I broke another toe on the same foot two years ago. I’ve had so many physical injuries… and it seems whenever I’m in a really good place, something like this occurs. I’m curious if there is something I’m missing? What am I not learning from my past physical injuries?

Dearest one, it is true, so true, that your body will call out to you that it needs attention, that it needs to be seen and heard, and thus you find yourself in a predicament of having to give attention to it and it is most inconvenient. But thank this blessed body, my gentle one. Thank this blessed body you created to be your spokesperson in this world.

Do not be angry or disturbed by it but say, “alright I am not paying attention to you. I do not need to seek attention from others; I will give it to you. I will take the time to be still to soak in all of the wondrous things that are occurring and thank you for it.”

You create your bodies, every cell and each cell in it has a voice and when they are not being heard they will gather together and cause you to be still.

Don’t be angry with this beautiful body, blessed body, be still and listen. Take in all of it.  Don’t rush through this time. Much energy is coming back to you in many ways right now. Don’t try to deflect it. Don’t try to put the attention on others. Absorb every moment of it for it is yours to receive. Bless you my beautiful one. Bless you.

I wonder if you could give some advice how we can stop and listen to our bodies. Is there a method or process to that?

Hopefully, you can do it before there is pain. But often it takes pain to get your attention. You see, I don’t know if you totally understand the reality of your world, but you create every element of it for your learning. It is as if you set the table or the stage, or whatever you wish to call it, you create a body, a beautiful body and you enter into it. You be present in this world to learn things spiritually, vibrationally.

But often times you rush forward not really understanding that the carrying case that you have created to dwell in while you be present in your physical domain can have plans also that you need to fulfill. And so it will cause you times in which you must be still or stop, to not go quickly past something that needs to be completely understood or absorbed, even to the point of causing perhaps someone ulcers if they are very much not accepting a great loss, or pain, or a nervous situation in which they need to stay put and just feel it for a while instead of rushing forward.

It is just simply a part of you, a very necessary and important part of you. When you are being balanced or whole, part of that is your physical domain and part is your vibrational domain. The two come together in an amazing union called your body. Yes, you are a subtotal of all of your lifetimes and this body carries the now, the present and has great effect on your learning  Be still. Listen to all things. Pay attention. Witness your spirit and body and then move forward.



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