You can just relax and enjoy being in a human body. It’s quite an amazing experience

Advice for one who is struggling with which foods to eat.

I’ve been on a health journey the last few years. And it seems I get ahead and then I slip back. It seems to be a struggle with what foods I should eat and not eat and it’s gotten out of hand. I’m wondering if there’s any advice to help me sort that out?

Yes, you’ve got yourself so uptight about eating you’re afraid to eat anything. And you need to find some movements and dance and relaxing, almost a hypnotic deep state of relaxation, something that completely stops that… well, you’re a very technical being. You like to be focused and get things done and be complete with it, but human bodies are not necessarily responding to things like that too well. Because there are certain elements about you that are causing a lot of your discomfort; you are worrying yourself into this state.

So, stop worrying. Easy for me to say; I don’t even have a body. But, it’s time for you, to stop worrying about it. You’ve got all the time you need. There is nothing holding you back. You can just relax and enjoy being in a human body. It’s quite an amazing experience.

There is a small amount of thinning of bone that you need to concentrate on. Have lots of greens, lots of healthy drinks, lots of laughter. You know the human gut is very good at providing all the nutrients it needs but sometimes when you change the diet too much it changes all of its natural state and it doesn’t absorb enough. So your nervous system might be a little drained, your liver might be a little overwhelmed.

I would suggest you just relax and enjoy yourself and bring it all back to a happy norm.


Photo by Free To Use Sounds, Unsplash


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