A conversation with Spirit about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Medium Jane Kennard channels a high guide from Spirit for their wisdom and understanding of what the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is and why it is affecting the world in this way. Listen in to the conversation between Jane Kennard’s assistants and the Spirit Guide.

Follow along here with the transcript from the audio.

Jane Kennard prayer: I ask in the name of the highest, the brightest, and the purest for healing energy for all of these wonderful people that ask and for us. Healing words, help for their growth.

Ok, I’ll talk to you later.

Guide: (Deep breath) I will speak.

Jane’s assistants: Hello. Welcome.

We’re glad you came.

Yes, thank you.


Have you lived in a physical form?

Yes, much time ago.

May I share this first question with you?


And, see if you would like to reply?

I shall reply. It has no like or dislike

I understand. Thank you.

Could we ask you about the Coronavirus? And, would you share your wisdom and your thoughts around what we see happening in the world, in Italy, and what’s happened in China, what’s happening in the United States. Is there a message that you would like us to share with everybody around this?

The mutation of this virus is a constant occurrence in the physical domain. There is changes in all things in the physical domain. Your plane, your dimension, your world. All things change. Some will be more advanced and some will be less. Some things will cause great discord and some will enhance. This is simply just another opportunity for growth for all beings. Friction that creates growth, that creates a perfect experience or life.

Now then, the panic that is being created by the attitude of crowds that create an element of chance that can go positive or negative is at hand. So, it is a time for all beings to be clear as to what their truth is and to stand strong in it. If the virus, which comes to each of you at some point, takes a stronghold on you and causes great discord within your body, you must be captain of this body and heal it. It doesn’t mean you do not take help and aid from those that provide it for you. But there truly is healing possible from every instance of it. For whether you all believe it or not, your beings are stronger than this virus. There are elements of great growth at hand. And of course, you know that that means some discord. Fear is a destructive power. It’s one thing if you are running away from something that might attack you, but fearing something you cannot see or touch is destructive.

Unite as beings together and conquer this, by conquering the love that is present for all of you. Bring it into your lives. And know that you are not alone.

I see a lot of children that are afraid of it. Or maybe… they weren’t actually afraid but have been absorbing the fear. What can we tell them about it?

Each will experience this differently. Many of them don’t even understand what fear is, but they hear their parents speaking and their voices are of a different tone or resonance as they speak it. So they have translated it in their bodies as something to fear. For they don’t see anybody saying that they’ll be fine. That’s what you must speak. That they’ll all be just wonderful beings. They will grow and evolve. And you have to perhaps give them a demonstration of how small this virus is and how big they are. And that a simple thing like soap and warm water kills it.

Thank you, that’s very helpful.

And that they should laugh.

Children don’t laugh as much as they should. I don’t mean hysteria and screaming, I mean laughter. It seems a forgotten element in many areas of your physical world.

There seems to be a lot more anxiety and less laughter.

They fear, they fear that there is nobody taking care of them and that they might have to take care of themselves. And that is an unknown to many beings. I speak this not to you, or you, but it is known that many want to be taken care of. And that is not an evolved state of evolution and that their basic trust is fear. Your job is to teach them to trust themselves. And perhaps this virus will help.

I may be wrong but with viruses they don’t go away, they change and they repeat. So, if we are just afraid of this one, it’s not like it’s going to be going away, it could change.

Yes. There are many things in your world that change. Many things that you do not even notice. But, all things have to change.

Is the virus a being? Is that a way to look at it?

An instrument. An instrument of growth. There is no evil intent, just evolution. Even for this instrument. There is not a conscious level as in you, but a purpose to survive.

Sometimes when people are trying to explain something that they don’t understand, then they come up with these theories… some people are saying that the virus is a being.


It’s nice to hear you say that it has no ill intent and that it is an instrument for evolution.

Be in peace my blessed ones for you are loved.

Thank you for speaking with us.

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