Your being needs to be heard, to be felt, to be loved, Jane Kennard, Circles within  Circles

Give yourself time to recover

I had a hysterectomy last year which was on one side necessary but it has created a big unbalance in my body with many symptoms and a great deal of pain.  I’ve been working with cranial sacral therapy and I’m told that I’m going through the de-crystallization of my old structure.  Is there any particular action I should take at this time to completely let go of the old pain to regain health and energy necessary to get back on my path?

Oh my dear, you ask a question that involves many understandings. Firstly, forgive yourself for having the hysterectomy. Your body is in shock and it needs to be treated very gently and lovingly. A part of you is angry that you were mistreated, almost violated through this process, and it holds many blocks of pain. Nothing is de-crystallizing, but you are forming blocks. So of course your circuits will be somewhat interrupted, and you will have reflected pain—almost as if your electrical system is bouncing back and forth inside you.

You need to have whole system energy recharge. What does this mean? It means lying in the sand in the warm sun, it means walking at the edge of the water, immersing yourself in waters. It means eating all natural, easily digested foods to nourish every cell of the nervous system and the physical body. Touch is very important, very good, even though there are parts of your body that it will be offensive to, you must allow touch. Rubbing, oils, soothing scents. Your senses are in shock to every degree. Do not expect a quick recovery. Give yourself time, but you can recover.

I think it’s interesting that you think by ridding yourself of this, you rid yourself of part of you life. You do not. You have altered your state of learning and absorbing that that you walk in. Take your time. It is not an easy path that you walk upon. But you can do it—if you understand with grace and love that your being needs to be heard, to be felt, to be loved.

Bless you, my child, for you are loved.