Meeting a new spirit guide and receiving healing for a sore knee

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Yesterday at our channeling session a new being came through. This is a transcript of her introduction to us. Here is the audio recording:  Joanna Guide:             My, my. How amazing this is. Joanna:           Hello. Guide:             Ah, yes. Greetings. Joanna:           Who are you? Guide:             I be a being of light.               [...]

Feeling discomfort in a group

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T - I was removed from a group because I spoke harshly about a person’s motives. I did not try to hurt the person. I sincerely apologized and offered to make amends, but that did not help. Also, I had an incident about a year prior. I stayed away since I did not want to [...]

What is going on with my body?

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Becky - I have some concerns about my health and would love some guidance. I have severe insomnia and I am not sure about my red eyes.  I have been diagnosed with “dry eyes”, twitching muscles, etc.  Is this because of the insomnia? What is going on with my body?  I try to eat well, take [...]

Update from Jane

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Thank you for all your kind loving thoughts and wishes.  I am improving gradually, and am still in the healing process.  Here at Circles we welcome your questions and will try to get a response out as soon as possible, but please be aware that there may be some delay.

Please send healing to Jane

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For the past couple of weeks Jane has been very ill with what turns out to be an antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  She was hospitalized for several days and is now on a regime of daily IV drugs to combat this superbug.  Please join with all of us at Circles within Circles to send light and healing [...]