travel earthSahara Wind – I recently had a dream of an earthquake in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Then I saw a world map with a red line showing how this will trigger a major earthquake for the coast of BC. How do I know if this dream indicates my personal anxiety at a subconscious level, or if this dream may be prophetic?

It is often very much known that to receive a message, the physical brain must be quiet, and there are times of this in sleep.  It is not the deep sleep.  It is the time just before that where one might receive an understanding, an awareness of all that is present.

Do you wish me to address your fear, or the truth of earthquakes in the physical domain?  You fear them.  You fear not being able to control and to care for all of the loved ones in your family and the ones you care about.  You want to protect them like a mother hen, put your wonderful wings around them and tuck them close.

Earthquakes, and the movement of your beautiful planet and its fiery center, must have cooling and shifting, to see them  as just simply as a new phase of growth and not something horrific.  It is true, there is much loss of life when that that is familiar when they are shaken up in dense parts  of areas.  Much has to do with antiquated buildings that no longer serve the purpose.

Your earth will stretch and move.  It is true.  But does it mean the end of all things?  No.  It means you must listen to your mother earth.  All of it.  Listen to its heartbeat for it does tell you when these things are about to happen; when its growth plates are about to shift for a new phase.  Fear them not. but be open to them and then take actions to protect your corner.  You cannot stop mother earth from moving but you can control out of the love of it, how you react.

You will all be able to receive messages, not only from your earth, but those people you love.  All vibrational states can speak during these times, just before the deep sleep and just before coming back to conscious dream time.  There is a moment in between, as if you leave the door open and you can receive.

It can sometimes get mixed up with your own fears for the dreams happen before and after these.  But for sure, it is important but remember the creator of the dream, or the creator of the information that comes to you, remember, that lies within you is truth. No dream is a falsehood.  Although the voice might be a fearful one, address it.   Or the voice might be of greater wisdom. Listen to it, but don’t waste energy fearing it.  Bless you my child for asking.