A different look at viruses


K – Hello, may I ask who you are?

Hello dear.  I came with a bundle of joy.  It matters not who I be.  It matters that we of the light have this opportunity to speak to my blessed ones, so blessed.

I wanted to ask you about the virus that I have been having and I would like you to talk a little about viruses in our world today.

Yes, definitely I will talk about viruses. You have got one that has settled within you, but it is actually compounded by another virus.  You have two within you, my dear.  You need to get your immune system up and strong.  You mustn’t get too cold.  It often causes great pain. You see, the virus actually has settled in your spine, whether you know this or not, and it is really causing you a great deal of difficulty.

Viruses are very different creatures.  They are not like bacteria that divide and multiply.  A virus enters into a cell and mimics it and takes over it. The body thinks it is one of its own cells until it multiplies so much and then it bursts open and invades more cells.  Their structure is very different from anything you have seen. They are not a circle within a circle, or a splitting circle. They almost look like something that you think came from outer space. They are very unusual looking things.  But they are positive and they are supposed to be here and there is going to be a reason in time when they are going to equip viruses with wonderful things that will help cure many things in your world.

So, don’t be afraid of them. The best thing to do when you don’t want an invading virus that causes you difficulty is to keep your immune system good and strong. How do you do that?  By being happy, by taking care of your body, by eating with joy and happiness, by singing a song and dancing a dance, all those things (gentle laughter).

And, you my dear, for your virus situation at this time, you know more about herbs and vitamins and all of that stuff than anybody else. Right now, you seemed to have stop everything for some reason.  So, you need to take some of your own medicine, the stuff you know about and some rest.

Will it go away?

Oh, of course it will, my dear.

Is it related then to the shingles that I had?

Yes, it lives in the spine and it takes time to travel up to the brain, to the inner ear, to the eyesight, out into the lungs, into and around your rib cage.  It is travelling up and down. You got way too tired thinking you can do many things at once.  Surprise.  I love you my darling.

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