Helping the world by being and acting and choosing your truth


At this time of year, at the time of the returning of the light and the celebrations, is there a message you can give to us.

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It’s very hard to be present in the physical world right now but every one of chose to be present. You chose to be present in a time, to help, to grow, And so to do so, that is the greatest task at hand—to do that that you know is your truth.

It may be your truth to excommunicate yourself from your world and sit in fear. It may be your truth to take up arms and fight. It may be your truth to try to draw out the person in the dark and have the one with arms put down their arms. Do you see?

All beings have their promises at hand. And you all are present in a time of as you know, many, many new souls and many evolved beings. And the in-between ages, these are the ones that are the great communicators, that bring the two sides together. And this is what you need to do, to help them.

And how do you help them? By being, and acting, and choosing your truth. Every being present knows when they are doing something against that that they know is right. There are no more excuses.

You do know. You do know when you smile at someone and they smile back. You know that feeling that lifts your heart? That makes you want to stay present with them? That’s knowing that you are in the truth of your being.

There is a vibrational state, each of you different. Each of you know. Oh, perhaps very new souls have more difficulty with this. They often seem to be numb to their own growth; but in time they do know. And they can be taught—with love, by being seen and heard, and then being shown–by one who is walking a life that is their truth.

You teach as you live. Be the light that you all are. You are all a fracture of God—growing, moving, changing—different tonight than you were this morning, more radiant, more beautiful. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have moments of great anger, of temper tantrums, or anger when you see an injustice and you rip off with words that are not necessarily your finest. That’s completely acceptable, if it helps you to move into your truth.

Bless you all. And thank you all for being willing to be present now. You are the teachers of your world.

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