Meeting a new spirit guide and receiving healing for a sore knee

Yesterday at our channeling session a new being came through. This is a transcript of her introduction to us. Here is the audio recording:  Joanna

Guide:             My, my. How amazing this is.

Joanna:           Hello.

Guide:             Ah, yes. Greetings.

Joanna:           Who are you?

Guide:             I be a being of light.

                        (As Joanna tries to get her knee in a comfortable position).  Be still my child.

Joanna:           …. Oh, my knee is so sore.

Guide:             I know. May I help you with that?

Joanna:           With my knee? I would love that.

Guide:             Then sit very quietly.

Joanna:           OK. I don’t know if I should put weight on it or not.

Guide:             Just sit for a moment.  I want you to visualize a beautiful, golden hand. And it’s over your knee. And it’s warm.

….    And it’s going deep inside and strengthening the small sinews and making the rough spots smooth. If you put this golden hand right into the pain and keep it there….

Do not be angry with this knee. Do not be impatient. Love it.

…. Now place your warmth into it with your own hands. Keep it in one spot.  Friction only adds heat, and not a positive heat. Rubbing isn’t the best thing for something so deep.

(Gradually Joanna’s knee eases up.)

Guide:            Now. I have never done this before (spoken through Jane), but I find it very intriguing.  Might I help you?

Joanna:           Indeed. Can you respond to some questions?

Guide:             I have no idea. Perhaps we should try.

Joanna:           Well let’s begin…. (The guide then proceeded to give responses to questions from several people).

Note: If you have a general question for the guide please feel free to submit it. All general questions are complimentary.   The cost for a personal question is just $20.   

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