It is time for change

Mother and son

Maria – I am really concerned about my job. I’m on office leave for the past 2 years and my leave period is ending very soon.  I want to continue my job and join my office but my husband wants me to quit job and take care of our baby instead and stay with him at a location different from my office place.  I am concerned that if I don’t go back to the office then the career break wouldn’t allow me to work again in  the future.  I would like to know what should I do now.  

Dear, dear Maria.  I don’t believe this is the name you go by.   I know the being that asks, that seeks help, that feels constrained and restricted in her ways of being.

It is a difficult task to have such a wondrous mind, the ability to see and read and hear and know how others be in this world and not have the ability to make choices and actions and have freedom of one’s own being.

You are, my dear Maria, feel like you are in a time warp, a new understanding under a blanket of old expectations and old restrictions.

To break from these older ways and rituals is not an easy task.  But if you do not be true to yourself, you will only find more and more obstacles in your path.  It is time for a change.  It is a time for the new thinking to be present in your path too.  Not just those you read of and hear of, but you too.  You are a very wise being.

You are angry with yourself for allowing this that was to be for you; choices not made by you, decisions not yours.  And now what to do and to still not cause any difficulties to anyone else?

How do I speak to you, my blessed one, to not worry of another’s needs, but only of your own and your child’s for you fear the child will be taken from you if you make your own choices.  So you walk gingerly trying to not disrupt.

I will say to you that any job you wish to have your education is far beyond even what you understand.  You have a great ability to see the soul within others and thus you would be a great teacher, assistant, researcher.

To make sure that your child is in the new world with all of the great things, this is a great decision you must speak to your parents openly of your need. Their love for you is great and they will assist you.  But ultimately, you must decide my dear, for that is your growth.

Oh, that that burdens you and chases you about is the fact that you no longer fit in this world’ this world of old expectations.  In one hand, where you be there is very modern and believe many things that women can do in the world as far as teaching and helping and having careers.  But on the home front, a woman is still in the same place.  So, how do you walk both sides of this understanding?  It is not possible.

You must be vocal. You must speak of your needs and your desires and you must make a choice and stick with it.  Talk to your parents.  Seek employment and be the greatest mother that you know how to be.  The truth will be, my dear.  Bless you my child.

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