JapanCan you please speak on the radiation levels from the Fukushima accident several years ago? What the effect actually is for the Japanese people, the wildlife and sea life? How are the radiation levels on the west coast of North America. Is it safe to consume seafood and seaweed? Thank you dear guides.

Yes, there is heightened radiation in the Japans, and the people are suffering.  They suffer terribly.  Many believe it was their due in their life, which is very sad.

What do you mean by that?

There is an overall attitude that they are not quite good enough. No, they did not bring on this earthquake, or this accident.  But they do not fight on behalf of their rights, for what they need as a people, as individuals.  They are too often given a blanket statement.  Now I speak of a public politics.  They do not think of the individuals there and each are wonderful beings.

That is true, the Japanese society is very much about the group, not the individuals.

Yes.  Radiation in the physical world is a constant.  In fact, your whole earth is experiencing  large amounts of radiation from your very sun that warms and heals all of you.   Radiation can be a negative if too strong and, in fact, it is causing some disturbances amongst many civilizations in your physical domain.

This that occurred is not a good thing, but it can be balanced. It is true seaweed absorbs a great deal of it and cleans the oceans.  It will truly affect a lot of the living beings that live close to it and eventually will affect all coasts in all matter, in fact it already has.

Does it affect you?  To a certain degree but you have within your bodies the ability to release it.

Fear it not.  One should never overeat of any one thing in the physical world.  Fish, you should eat in moderation of any creature.  Especially creatures that are present to supply you nourishment.

Fear is your greatest threat.  If you fear radiation it will harm you more than the radiation.

Fear was something developed in the adrenal understanding of the physical adaptation of the body.  But it is out of balance in your physical world especially amongst many.

There are many of you in the physical world that have developed an illness which we could actually call fear.  It is fear of hearing things, it is a fear of touching things, it is fear of being alive instead of rejoicing in the opportunity to be.