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SandThis excerpt was shared with permission from a personal reading. Click here to listen Spirit Guide

Guide – Do you not sometimes think, my son, that you are sort of playing a role, that you are in a life, in a world that sometimes does not fit you and you don’t exactly know how to proceed?

In those moments, take to the land.  Be at peace.  Be at one with your land and your maker and your spiritual understandings.  You are not alone.

I know you have times when you don’t feel connected with us. But I am with you. I am with you in the heaviness of the stone and in the softness of the water. I am in the sand under your feet and the wind that kisses your face.

You have walked a path wanting to help others. And in that, even though you might deny you have found love of self, you have denied love of self.  In gentleness, I want you to reconsider who you be.  I want you to look in the reflection in your face and see the tenderness in your being. You are in a learning experience.  Bless you my son.

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