Standing Still –  Hi, what do I do next? The book is not selling. I want the people who protected him removed from government and I want criminal justice reform. What do I do next to achieve this? I need a plan. Should I send a copy to BC or a news station? I don’t know who to trust.  Do I just give all of my hard work away to anyone? I want to be rewarded and given credit for my hard work. Thank you.

No, my dear, you want revenge.  And this, as you very well know, you don’t even really want to say this out loud.  But truly, it will not make you feel any better.  The process of writing was the healing part.

You are not standing still.  That was a great and powerful movement.

People do not want to delve into things that happened a long time ago.  They want to leave it alone.  But if you want most to hear about it, you must go forward and speak and push it under their noses and have them see it.  Are you willing to do this?  I fear not, my blessed one.

So put it out there and allow it to be carried on the will it was given, to heal.  You can send it to people and places, but your work is no longer yours when you make it public.  You give it away.  And what you receive is the healing of the releasing of it, the full circle.  You gave yourself a gift to heal yourself.  As to monetary needs, my dear, that isn’t what it was about.

You wanted to be known your side of the understanding and so it is.  Be at peace.