ab8d1-p1020426Becky – I have some concerns about my health and would love some guidance. I have severe insomnia and I am not sure about my red eyes.  I have been diagnosed with “dry eyes”, twitching muscles, etc.  Is this because of the insomnia?

What is going on with my body?  I try to eat well, take omegas and  exercise.  Please help me.  Thank you.

Blessed one, you have a battle in your being between your heart and your head.  They might label this as an auto-immune disorder, but you definitely have a fight going on within you.

You seek to understand outside of your being, instead of trying to find the answers within.  There is a tormented side of you, blessed one, from deep within, that you must listen to.

No, it doesn’t mean that you must plague yourself over things, but you must feel that that you have denied and right that that has been said that is wrong.  Your own inner tape is even misguiding you at this time.

To bathe yourself in light and love is the most important thing. Omegas, yes, definitely are good for you.  But why not just eat this beautiful, physical wonderful thing of your world, food?

You have so much information in your head that you are very afraid of many things.  Look to find what makes you happy.  You are narrowing your view on the world instead of widening it.  Take deep breaths, long walks and feel the earth under your bare feet.  Step into warm earth.

You have a very strong entity that is with you in spirit that is trying to help you. It is why you have so many different views before you.  This being is trying to give you information that you might settle on.

Beautiful one, BE.  Heal yourself from that radiant being that you be.

Do you have any advice how she can connect with this being that is with her and trying to help her?

I do not want her to be fearful of this being.  This is not a warrior but a very amazing, loving being.  If she wishes to have conversation, communication, it must be developed between the two of them. She must say what she needs for confirmations, to speak it in her mind and heart and wait. They will develop a form that is theirs.