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Moving on from a relationship when a promise is complete

Are there any indicators to gauge whether it is time to let go of a relationship or friendship, that the promise is complete? How do we know if “letting go” is actually avoidance of speaking one’s truth or not wanting to do the work? Is there a shift vibrationally that occurs when it is the right time to naturally release and say goodbye?

When a promise is in full swing and at hand, you will feel very pulled into it. You will have emotional states and back and forth and you will feel the action and the energy. When a promise is completed on your behalf, you will have no feelings about it. You will feel quite at peace with it. You wouldn’t have been upset. You would have been “oh well, never mind, they will come back again, or maybe not, maybe they will, this is easy.”

So, when you have no entanglement, when you feel quite easy to leave and feeling quite positive about everyone, that is when a promise is completed. Your part is done. It doesn’t mean the other side of it is done if it is a promise with another being. They could still be railing and screaming at you, but you have no feeling about it at all and can move forward, loving them and leaving them.

I don’t think I have ever felt that way.

Well, my dear, then the promises still need action. Sometimes, it is a sort of survival that you know you can’t stay possibly involved in this promise any longer due to the need of your own state of mind and you must leave it and perhaps allow it to occur at another time, the completion of it. There are beings that have many promises that probably won’t be all concluded in one lifetime and that is quite all right.

Survival is the most important. You have other things to learn and grow too. Don’t be so stuck on the fact that you must complete it so totally that you get yourself beaten up into oblivion that you don’t complete your other work. What good would that be? None.

I could see this would work with friends but how does this work with the ties of family? Some of us are trained to be obliged to be forced to stay in relationship with family members.

You answered your own question. Training. You are the only one who can stop that training and step out of it and do a different choice. Yes, there are certain very large promises that do come in with perhaps the mother, or the father or the siblings, but many of those beings can cause great destruction on your own path. If you cannot totally tolerate this and let them do their thing to grow, then you must survive and remove yourself from the situation.

You’ve heard there is much talk about toxic people and toxic situations, well, for heaven’s sake toxins are poison, are bad for you. Move away from those things.

I think we often measure the success of a relationship by the longevity. If I am feeling not an attraction to be with someone, is that the sign that the friendship is no longer serving a higher purpose?

Sometimes these relationships do not have promises, they are simply the act of your empathy and need to be with someone. If a promise is not present, you might not want to be with a person anymore. You might feel, “Well it doesn’t go both ways anymore and it just seems to be one-sided and in fact drains me a great deal,” when you when you are with them. So, move yourself from it. You have a choice, my dear. Your path, the situation you are discussing, is not a promise.

Well, that is helpful.

That is what I aim to be. I thank you for being so willing.



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