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Find ways to strengthen the mother-and-child bond

A guide speaks about a mother’s connection with her baby

I need help dealing with issues with my baby. She is refusing to feed since she turned seven weeks. We have been to many doctors but nothing is helping. Why is she refusing to eat? Is there a physical or psychological problem? Is there anything I can do. I was told there was too much interference. Can you explain that please. I am worried that she might not grow and be healthy.

Blessed one, it is true your child does come from a rather traumatic experience in a previous existence and her entrance into this life was somewhat quickened by her desire to move forward. What interferes with the two of you is your fear and the child feels it greatly.  You are overwhelmed with many things, so let’s simplify.  The child must be fed, a formula, a bottle, whatever is necessary.

The greatest thing for you to do is to find a way for the bond of mother-and-child to be very strong.  And you know that you are having difficulty with it.  You worry and obsess and you must feel trust and love. Being skin-to-skin so the child can hear your heartbeat is very important.  Never prop the child away from you when feeding, she must always be hearing your heartbeat.

Do not over stimulate with tickling, or poking of this child. All handling must be very calm, very gentle and loving. Interference comes from everyone’s opinion, for you have asked for many, and you do not feel you trust in your own. The bond between mother and child is already a very strong one, but it can be twisted and changed by concepts and understandings that are not right for this bond. This child came to be with you, chose you, you are one with it.

It is not just about feeding. It is about holding and rocking. Make sure the airways are always very clear when feeding this child.  And don’t be in a hurry. This little one needs a lot of time and energy, but all must be in gentle movements.  When you are tired, the child will be upset.  You see this bond is very strong. When you are upset the child will feel not wanted. So, get rest, sleep and nurture this baby.  Carry this baby even when she is sleeping.  Become familiar one with the other. It is very important the connection skin-to-skin.

Do not feel so uncomfortable with this child.  But if you are feeling totally overwhelmed, perhaps another being in your life, a loving and gentle being will help you to nurture this child. Do not see it as you are alone, for many can love and cradle a child and bring them into this world.  Some babies do not even wake when they are born at first. In other words, their spirit is not totally one with the body. They can become confused as to where they might be.

So, speak and lie with your child, eyes-to-eyes, and speak gentle, loving words.  Your voice might rise from time to time into a higher vibration and that will help you to lock into this knowing.  Speak just gentle talking, welcoming, loving words. Bring the child to you, the smell the very perfume of the body, loving, gentle, sweet kisses. Relax, blessed one. Relax and give nourishment in whatever way you can. There are formulas and combinations sweeter than breast milk and usually children love it. And be patient, for this little one is taking a while to be centered–but you are strong and you can do this. You are not alone.



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