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Moose – I have severe chronic pain in my back, neck, shoulders, joints; everything aches. I don’t sleep well because I toss and turn all night. I’ve had several tests done but nothing shows up and I’m currently waiting to see a specialist for more tests. Can you please tell me why I’m in such pain and what I can do to alleviate it?

By the way, you need to be direct as I tend to be a bit stubborn.

No, dear, you are not stubborn, you just have to be sure that it fits for you. You doubt many things and want only to hear that that is right and truth to you.

You carry the world on your shoulders. You want to be the be all and end all for everyone. You hide in a façade that is often, well, it isn’t often now, it is too heavy for even you to carry. So, your body is manifesting pain throughout.

Many belief systems believe that the spine is the center and in many truths it is. All nerves travel from the spine out to all different parts of the body.

The spine represents how you be in this world. You created one to stand strong and ahh dear and you do. Are you willing to let go of all of these expectations that others have of you and that you have of you? Are you willing to put down that armor you are hiding behind? Are you willing to show that you don’t have all of the answers? Are you willing to show that you have fears and tears and allow them to flow?

The strongest of beings are those that stoop for the weakest of beings. The strongest are those that are allowing the weakness to show. And, sometimes, you teach more by showing that strength can have weakness, than strength overrides all.

You are here in this world to be present in a physical domain to experience heaviness and the wonder of being physical. But this amazing spirit of who you be, this gentle, loving being that you are, to experience this physical domain.

You may not want to hear that you’ve created this pain in your body. But your body created it to get your attention. We are missing something, it is saying to you. You are overriding something, you are not listening to us; each cell is saying to you.

So, I am not surprised your nights are fitful. I am not surprised your body is yelling at you, but in a loving way even if you think pain is horrific. Pain has a loving voice, it says be still, hear us, walk with me as a child again. Touch those times that you were afraid. Touch those times when you could not speak of who you be and how you felt and feel it. Feel it in every cell of your body.

Oh, have your tests and talk your talks. But, please blessed one, talk to your body and hear it.



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