When a person is causing difficulty see them, witness them, Jane Kennard, Circles within Circles

A guide speaks about how to handle conflict with co-workers on a project

I’m involved in a project and there have been serious conflicts behind the scenes. What can I do to be loving with the difficult people and ease the tension involved with this project?

When you stand with people that you are feeling difficulty with, nearly always there is a certain element of your own learning that you must take in. When a person is causing you difficulty, see them. See all of them. Witness them—and yourself.  Is there an element here that you need to learn? Yes, you felt that they were not taking it as deeply as you—and there is a part of you that needs to put light into it, to lift it, to release it. You take things so seriously sometimes, blessed one, you could create wounds on your body.

Every time you come to an obstacle in your road and it causes you stress you are wise to stop, examine it. Take a deep breath and see what it has come to teach. And in that offering, open your heart with love. Fill the complete area that surrounds you and whatever the difficulty is with love. It will soften the corners, it will ease your ability to see your own learning, and embrace that that is present, and fear it not.