It is not a time to fear–but a time to cheer

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A spirit guide speaks of our individual opportunities in this changing world. You live in a time when it’s very important to come from the unexpected. That’s why you, my dear, struggle so to make your vision seen. You don’t need to try to fit to a norm. Each of you magnificent beings is individual--like [...]

Nature or nurture–the age-old question in your world

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A guide talks about aggression in dogs I have a question about pit bulls, this breed of dog that many want to have banned for their aggressive tendencies. It’s such a divisive subject right now because many feel that this is a breed of dog that is being picked on and I am curious if [...]

How we can affect our world

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We spoke to the guides about global warming and how our world is going to be left, with the corporations so much in control. Here's our discussion: We feel so powerless to change things. There are entire civilizations that have crumbled and grew again. It’s hard for you to understand now, but you have seen them [...]

When the soul wants to fly

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An exchange from our June channeling event: I think sometimes we in our lives get stuck in one direction and find it hard to change. Do you have any advice for that? GUIDE: No. That is an element in physical world. You have many things that cause you to stay in one place. I think they’re [...]