Do you think about how your life has evolved? Jane Kennard, Spirit Wisdom

Soul evolution and joy in living

Do we come to this life as new souls and continue to return until we become mature souls? Can we come in a different order or skip ahead, or go to another plane for an experience?

The evolution of your vibrational being is constant. It doesn’t matter if you want to call it new or old. It heightens with every learning experience. There is no written law on how it must be. Truly yes, you can move to other dimensions if you wish to, but you cannot go from a new soul to what you would call an ancient soul in one lifetime. The evolution is your own process. And very often the most ancient feel the opposite. For they feel that all is wise and wonderful. And the truly evolved being has evolved to the state of great vibrational height. They understand the truth of all that is new and wonderful. It is often the very new soul that is oblivious to all of this. It might seem upside down or inside out. The evolution of your vibrational soul, your spirit, is truly your own. You choose, but the heightening of it is through growth. To each dimension you choose. Truly to cause the least chaos in your vibrational state it is best to stay with one dimension at a time. Some beings choose to stay within the dimension even when it is time to leave. They love it so dearly, or perhaps are so attached to some part of it. Fear not. The clarity—you will know when you are in between which dimension you wish to come to.

Are we intended to live joyful lives while learning (with the understanding that there is joy in every experience if we just look for it)?

Yes. Joy in the wonderment of learning, is truth. But there must be pain as well, for it creates the greatest growth. And there is truly joy in the opportunity of growth. Your spirit understands this, and as you evolve it is more conscious of it. Very new souls may feel that they have not the ability to find joy in pain…but it is there.

I guess if we had lives of just complete bliss there would probably be no opportunities for learning?

You can have a life of complete bliss and have great sadness within it. Is it a choice or is it a vibrational state? This is huge, you understand. Bliss is a vibrational state—of knowing that even at the most wretched moment you are one with all that can be. Are one with the pain and one with the joy; one with the growth that never stops. What might seem to be the end of something is truly the pearl. When you understand about the continuum you will understand your whole process, your path.

Thank you.


Photo: Bekir Dönmez, Unsplash


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