Nature or nurture--the age-old question in your world, Jane Kennard, Circles within Circles

Nature or nurture–the age-old question in your world

Nature or nurture--the age-old question in your world, Jane Kennard, Circles within Circles

A guide talks about aggression in dogs

I have a question about pit bulls, this breed of dog that many want to have banned for their aggressive tendencies. It’s such a divisive subject right now because many feel that this is a breed of dog that is being picked on and I am curious if there is something to fear about these dogs. Is aggression within their make up or if it’s something that is being affected by their owners?  

All beings that were once wild and not domestic have within their DNA the capacity to be violent if it is nurtured. All beings.  The domesticated dog, has been domesticated by mankind. Your societies have nurtured and loved them and used them to help them work. It is just a fashion at this time that this one breed is focused upon as being violent. You’ve had times when it was the doberman pinscher, the sheppard, the rottweiler.  These all can be trained to be violent or to be loving.

It truly is the domesticator that you must look at. In order to change this there are those that would stop the breed from continuing,  but they would find another one. Even your French poodle can do a nasty bite if wished to. But the way of loving, as in this beast you have in your home, you know that there is nothing violent in you nor in this animal–yet many would fear this dog. Nature or nurture; it is the age old question in your world. There is within them a nature but it will always be about what is nurtured in them.

Do animals, do they have their own….

Evolution process, yes of course they do. Their spirits are just as important as yours.  Their paths are just as important as yours and yes they have been affected and changed by yours. But the true essence of their growth really doesn’t have a lot to do with mankind. Perhaps hard for you to understand that being  the omnipotent beings that you all are. They are amazing beings with a great purpose in your physical world.


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