There is chaos in your dimension at this time

We are here today to ask about the bigger picture, not just our individual lives but our place on the planet. We live in extraordinary times right now.

Yes, there is chaos in your dimension at this time. It has great purpose and great learning. No, not all of it is created for that, but a certain amount of energy does create chaos and thus learning.

You live in a time where there are a large number of brand new beautiful shining beings. These beings have not lived many lifetimes. In fact, for many, it is their first. They have very wonderful experiences, but they would not be the experience of those that are very ancient in spirit. And at this time there are a large number of them and there are very few in between. It is what we call The Overturn of Souls. And it is a time of chaos. It often can be a time of wars, world wars. It can be a time of well, horrible things and wonderful things. Miracles and disasters of both the physical world and of the man-made element.

New souls, you see, they don’t have the depth. They don’t have the great understanding from living lifetimes and having learned. They are new, they are high-spirited and they are full of energy and have very little understanding of the results of much of this energy. That is what they are learning.

And the very ancient ones, well, they are wonderful teachers but they do not often want to be the teachers. They often like to just be and to radiate their wealth of knowledge through their lives they live. It is a time when you must call them forward to be the teacher, to be the politician, although they very seldom want to be this. For they understand the outcome of many things. They understand the great weight and responsibility and are not very much wanting to speak even though they do teach beautifully. Most often, it is only through their path they want to teach, being that that they are.

Your greatest politicians are usually middle-aged souls and because there are so few of them now, most of these positions are held by new beings without a wealth and depth of knowledge. They are just inexperienced and are full of energy. They believe what they are doing is truth and it is for where they be in their spiritual evolution. But for teaching large numbers, or leading a large number, well, the new beings have much to learn.

It is time now to live your life in the light of your being, to the state of your vibration or the height of your spiritual code. Your spiritual code is set by your evolution. The number of lives you have lived, the experiences and the wonder of it all. If you live to your highest degree, which you know within yourself, you will teach.

If you act on your highest purpose, that which resounds within you as the right thing to do, you will instantly know when you do not, that feeling inside, that unsettled feeling. That means you can do better. Oh, I am not speaking about an internal dialogue about not being good enough. I speak about a deep knowing with an action that you have taken whether it is right or wrong. This is your soul, your spirit and it vibrates at a rate of knowing. Any action you take below that which is right for your being, considering the amount of work it has done, you will instantly know when it is not right. And you will know when it is right, it will feel good.

By living your life, to teach, you affect all beings around you and thus you affect their path. And then they will grow and affect the paths of others. You see, teaching isn’t always in front of a classroom. It is difficult for evolved beings to speak their truth, but they must now. And they will find themselves more and more taking stands on things they never thought they would. They are not political beings, but they have great truth within them, knowledge that will help.

A long time ago I spoke that it is time where there are no more heroes. It is time to find the teacher within, the hero within. You must understand each one of you is on your path and your own path affects the whole. You must take actions that can help, that will reach these beings and you must always send your love. By your every breath send the deepest healing and love.

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  1. NANCY June 3, 2011 at 7:46 am - Reply

    Just what I need to hear today. Thank you.

  2. Funtastic June 4, 2011 at 11:05 am - Reply

    When I was a child, I used to believe that I would do something big one day that involved speaking to audiences. I also remember having the fear that something bad would happen at some point in my life. Well, something bad did happen, and I now wonder if that thing that occurred around 2001 in Texas precludes me from being able to fulfill that big thing that I had visions of as a child. I know that I have the master builder, numerology number 22, ability and have built many things on the intellectual level. I know I have come to learn many things, but what have I come to do? To accomplish? I would like to fulfill my highest potential- that of a master builder on a national and/or international scale ideally in terms of moral and social development with youth. Thank you all for the great service you provide.

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