Jane: I ask in the name of the highest, the brightest, and the purest, for healing words, for healing information for all of us in this time.

Talk to you later.

Guide: Hello my dears. (laughter)

Kirsten: Ok, so earlier Jane was saying, “You can’t throw away the past just because you don’t like it in the future.” So our question is, instead of tossing away things like statues, monuments, books that demonstrate values societies no longer accept, how can we use them to teach us instead of pretending that they don’t exist?

Guide: Well my dear, the funny thing in your physical world, as long as you’re being talked about people are learning. And, if through the process of tearing someone down beings are talking about that situation and what was created from it, it’s a positive move. It doesn’t mean you should go around destroying a bunch of things that were created by perhaps people that were not the most upmostly wonderful people. They are part of the fabric of the creation of actually quite a violent culture right now. And to destroy that or to break it open so that it can be healed and brought to a place of healthy growth, things do have to be taken apart. Allow what is happening to happen, talk, listen, and understand that it is a great pain that is happening, great pain. It’s a re-birth of the whole physical world. The overturn isn’t just a small section. Every country on your planet right now, every society, is experiencing upheaval and change. And, it is very frightening for those that have fear of change and want things to stay the same and perhaps don’t even think about how their actions have caused distress for others. But, it is time for a change. Long past time.

Kirsten: Thank you.

Guide: Don’t worry, that light is stronger than any destruction.


Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom: Tossing away things like statues, monuments, books



Photo by Donovan Reeves courtesy of Unsplash