It is not a time to fear–but a time to cheer

A spirit guide speaks of our individual opportunities in this changing world.

You live in a time when it’s very important to come from the unexpected. That’s why you, my dear, struggle so to make your vision seen. You don’t need to try to fit to a norm. Each of you magnificent beings is individual–like your fingerprints, your snowflakes. And each one—though unfortunately in eras of history only the noisy ones are heard or thought to have set the patterns of what was occurring. In your world right now there are many amazing creative things occurring. It is not a time to fear but a time to cheer. For it is happening.

Honour the individual. Give light to the one who wants to hide. For they have amazing energies. You see, if these very evolved beings are given a platform, they will teach. You have a point in your society where the noisy are controlling much of that that is thought to be the reality. It is not.

Oh it is a reality for a certain amount of those beings that are not growing forward but are staying in a place of no growth and are filled with fear. But that’s where they need to be at this time; it is not their time to move forward. It is the quiet ones that need to hear their voices themselves.

I be as you be. I am a spirit. I am not in a physical body. I am not having a human lifetime. And you be a spirit—in a body. We are no different. Just vibrating at different rates. (I thank this one for letting me use the vocal cords.) Your ancient ways are showing in so many ways and it’s time for them to be released—or embraced. All the old rules no longer fit the new energies that be.

Each of you has at your hands great opportunity to teach. Each of you do. By living that that you believe. By seeing an individual in a completeness, by embracing who they be.

It is a time of great change. But that is the most exciting thing about being in the physical world. Not that I’m bored where I be, but you get to move much faster, even though you feel it’s dragging. There are worlds yet for you to discover—within worlds, circles within circles. Bless you all. I have been in this domain before. I am glad to speak within it.

Photo by Bruce Dixon, Unsplash

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