Finding balance in our world now

Dear Jane and Guides, please can you talk about what’s happening in Ferguson, America? It seems that history is repeating itself, and that there is so much work and growth to take place. I am saddened that in 2014, racism is still the cause of lost lives! I am sure fear and special evolved beings play a part in what is happening, but where is acceptance of differences, and must all growth hurt? My heart cries at all the tragedies in this world right now.

Yes, dearest. It is true. In your physical domain you are learning where growth is of the most importance. You will always see back and forth and balance needing to be made, whether it be through racism or religion. Oh, heavens, there are so many different things beings can fight over. But this is where growth lies, dearest.

Feel not overwhelmed and unhappy. Find joy in your path. Seek it for you. You are a highly evolved being. You do not need to have the violence in your life. Those beings, many are very new souls and must learn things for the very first time. So, it is their opportunity for growth and learning.

Of course, you are also present in the time of The Overturn of Souls. So, there is a heightened clashing between the two. You will see more now than you ever have before, although this has happened in history before.

When these times occur, where there are a great number of old and a great number of very new; there is no middle ground. And trying to find it seems so ridiculous to the aged and so unnecessary to the new.

There are those very new souls present in your world that only want to fight. They don’t want peace. They don’t want to have a happy, sustaining life. They feel that making noise and externalizing is what they have come to do. And perhaps it is, if they bring attention to things that need to be made balanced.

It is for you to see this. It is you to step forward and calm the waters and teach a life of love. To bring the new souls forward into the middle ground is no easy task. But don’t feel disheartened, blessed one. Take up the challenge. And, hopefully, all of those will see it will take up the challenge to make it right.

But know that fires will break out again and again, until the balance.

But, there will always be, always be, positive and negative charges in your world for that is the energies you are made up of. But you can find balance in it.

The great lights that have come to your physical domain and brought wisdom and calm knew about balance. That is what they teach. That is what you can teach. Bless you for asking.

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  1. Blessed April 19, 2020 at 4:49 pm - Reply

    I am reading posts about the Overturn of Souls ….. Wow and Thank You! Wisdom never grows old and I am forever grateful for the guidance you provide. I feel drawn to help others but not sure how. I will continue to ask spirit. Sending you love and light x

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